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General Guidelines for the MVP Academic Achievement Awards 2021

NOTE: Read the entire guidelines first and click on the “CLICK HERE” button at bottom of this page.


In 2011, One Meralco Foundation, Inc. (OMF) launched the MVP Academic Achievement Award (MVP AAA) to provide financial assistance to deserving elementary, high school, and college children of MERALCO employees in the rank and file and supervisory levels. The MVP AAA project is not a scholarship program but a one-time grant where parents will receive financial assistance for their dependents’ educational expenses. The grant may be used exclusively to subsidize tuition fees, purchase books, laptop computers or tablets, or school supplies needed by the student. The grant is non-transferable.  

In 2012, the program was extended to include dependents of regular subsidiary employees and added the criteria of income in the candidate selection process to target beneficiaries who are more in need. In 2013, it was extended to sibling-dependents to also serve the younger generation employees who likewise work hard to support their families. 

Since 2016, the number of dependent winners has been set at 210, distributed across the different levels (75 – elementary, 75 – high school, and 60 – college). 

The funds for the MVP AAA come from OMF. The committee also reserves the right to change the mechanics for the implementation of the following year’s grants program. 


  • To provide an educational assistance (one-time financial grant) to children and siblings of qualified rank-and-file and supervisory employees of MERALCO and its subsidiaries.  
  • To recognize and encourage academic excellence among the children or siblings of employees of Meralco and its subsidiaries.  


The OMF will give a one-time cash grant of Php 20,000.00 each to 210 children chosen from rank-and-file and supervisory-level employees of Meralco and its subsidiaries, grouped as follows: 


  • Rank & File and Supervisory employees may apply for their children, and “single” employees (without children) for their siblings, provided the student-applicant is declared as dependent of the employee in the HR Express for Meralco or 201 file for subsidiaries by June 30, 2021
  • An employee applicant should have achieved at least a Level 3 or its equivalent in the 2020 annual performance rating. The project is designed in a way that both the employee-applicant as well as the dependent-nominee will work together for the award.  
  • Employees of MERALCO and its subsidiaries must have no record of disciplinary action, served or pending within three years prior to the date of nomination.  
  • If both parents work in Meralco and/or its subsidiaries, the one with the higher monthly basic salary will be the basis for the income qualification.  

Husband = Monthly Basic Pay P 40,000.00  
Wife = Monthly Basic Pay P 20,000.00  

Therefore, the husband’s salary will be used as a basis.  

  • Each qualified employee can nominate only one (1) dependent per family per year. 
  • The dependent-nominee must be enrolled as incoming grade 2 student up to incoming 5th year college student by SY 2021 – 2022
  • Dependent nominees must have at least a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 85% with no individual subject grades lower than 80% in any of the grading periods/semesters of SY 2020- 2021. For those with a non-numerical grading system, school-certified conversion should be applied, and the numerical equivalent considered. 


  • 2020 MVP AAA Dependent-Awardees are automatically disqualified. Another child-dependent (for married employees) or sibling-dependent (for single employees) may be nominated for 2021.  
  • Officers, Executives, and their spouses are disqualified to nominate their dependents to join the program. 
  • Scholars are disqualified from the program.  
  • The officers and staff of One Meralco Foundation, Inc., Meralco’s Corporate Social Responsibility Office and Meralco’s Employee and Labor Relations department are disqualified to join this program.  


Interested applicants must follow the process as described in detail below: 

  1. Fill out the MVP AAA online application form (click on the button at the end of this page).  
  1. Email the following supporting documents to: rbfernandez@meralco.com.ph

[a] Digital copy or Scanned copy or clear photo of Students’ Proof of Grades 2020-2021 (latest report card, class card, or transcript of records – duly-signed/certified correct by the adviser, principal, or school registrar)

Note: For non-numerical grading system, certification from the school proving the authenticity of conversion of grade to its numerical equivalent should also be submitted.

[b] Digital copy or scanned copy or clear photo of Non-Scholarship Certification coming from the school/university where dependent-applicant is enrolled for School Year 2021-2022, signed by the school’s authorized representative.

Note: This new requirement was added by the MVPAAA Committee to allow the team to confirm that all candidates meet the non-scholar criteria. You may use the Non-Scholarship Certification Template provided for reference – click this link.

The information and documents submitted are to be certified true and correct with the applicant’s agreement secured through the online form. If there are questions about the authenticity of any of the documents submitted, the committee may reach out to the applicant for further validation. 

Applications not accompanied by the required supporting documents, or with incomplete information will not be processed.  

All documents and data submitted will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be used solely for evaluation purposes for the grant.  

OMF will be accepting applications only until 11:59 PM, September 3, 2021. No extension shall be given. Applicants will receive confirmation of application submission right after completing the online form and will also be receiving acknowledgment in the registered email address. 

For inquiries and clarification on the MVP AAA, please call Ms. Rhea Fernandez-Iligan at local 3148 or email rbfernandez@meralco.com.ph.  


OMF has formed a review committee that will confirm the correctness of the ranking and the authenticity of supporting documents submitted. The committee is composed of representatives from HR Operations, Internal Audit, and Corporate Governance & Compliance Office. The confirmation of the review committee is final and no appeal shall be entertained. The committee will be supported by the Human Resources Business Partners for Shared Services, Networks, CRS, and Subsidiaries.  


When all the applications are received, they will be grouped according to the following:  

  • Meralco Rank and File  
  • Meralco Supervisory Level  
  • Meralco Subsidiaries  

STEP 1 – Group by student academic level  

Within each group identified above, applications will be grouped into 3, according to student level: Elementary, Junior and Senior High School, and College 

STEP – Confirm applicants meet the required minimum GWA 

Within each group, confirm that applicants meet the required minimum set GWA. Remove those not meeting it from the qualified list. 

STEP 3 – Rank according to monthly basic salary (lowest to highest) 

Applications shall then be ranked based on the monthly basic salary of the employee, lowest to highest. Employee-applicant must declare their monthly basic salary as of 31 December 2020 in the application form. The MVP AAA review committee will rank the top applicants according to the allocation of grants per employee level. In case of a tie in the ranking of salary, the employee-dependent with the higher GWA will be considered ahead. 

STEP 4 – Final Review by the committee  

The final list will be reviewed by the MVP AAA Review Committee and will be presented to the President of OMF for approval. No officer or staff of the Foundation will be part of the review committee. When confirmed, the list of grantees for the year will be announced by OMF through the following communication channels – Workplace and Email. 


One Meralco Foundation, Inc. will hold a virtual awarding ceremony on September 22, 2021. Parents, siblings, and their dependent nominees are encouraged to watch the awarding ceremony online. The link to the awarding ceremony/program will be shared with the winners through email and Workplace.  

The grant will be deposited to the employee winner’s payroll account on the day of the awarding. The medals and certificates of the winners will be routed to the employee winner’s office. 


23 July 2021, Friday Opening of the online application for MVP AAA 2021 
3 September 2021, Friday Deadline of submission of online applications 
(To be announced)*Announcement of MVP AAA 2021 awardees/winners 
(To be announced)*MVP AAA 2021 Virtual Awarding Ceremony 

*Note: Due to the extension of the deadline of submission of applications from August 13 to September 3, 2021, the announcement of winners and the awarding ceremony will also be rescheduled. We will send another advisory once the new dates are determined.