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Awards and Recognitions

The Foundation is humbled with the recognition given by various stakeholders here and abroad. They do not only celebrate the work the Foundation does, but more importantly, inspires us to strive harder in making a positive impact on the lives of many Filipinos.

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Annual Reports

2011 One Meralco Foundation Annual Report

July 14th, 2015

2011 – Enabling Hope

Symbolizing the hope and the future of our nation, the children are empowered to create the bright future they aspire for. With this same belief, One Meralco Foundation ignites inspiration that propels people to work forward for tomorrow by being a guiding light to enable hope for a new generation and a stronger nation.

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More Stories

Giving peace a fighting chance

One sunny afternoon in 2011, Lt Col Stephen L Cabanlet and his fellow members of the Philippine Marine Corps stationed in Sulu decided to play football in a field just outside of their detachment. Intrigued by the ìnew sport,î the local children gathered around them to observe.


Making communities safer with power

For four years, KACSA did not have access to electricity due to legal and financial challenges. Learning about the plight of the residents of KACSA, Meralco and the Foundation stepped in in 2014 and determined the possibility of energizing the community through the household electrification program.


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